How has Domestic Cleaners London become one of the leading cleaning companies in the city? We know you don’t want to listen about how dedicated, proficient and reliable we are – you have heard that story hundred times before. So let’s keep it simple – we have reached the place we are because we are not afraid to improve. Let us give you a few examples. When we first started as a new, inspiring company with just a few cleaners, we thought hot water extraction was the way to treat your carpets quickly and efficiently. But experience taught us a lesson – there are some problems that need more subtle solutions and so we had to look for better answers. We adopted new methods and technologies, even new equipment – dry carpet cleaning and stain removal, just to mention a few. This helped us gain a reputation that is unrivaled in many areas of the city. Window cleaning is another such case. You all imagine a guy with some detergent spray and a piece of cloth polishing the windows. This was the starting point of our journey as well. But soon we realized this was not only the least efficient, but also the worst way to treat your windows. Instead we took on an innovative method that was making headways more than a decade ago – the Reach & Wash system. With its help we threw all the detergents away and we increased the speed of service manifold. We can go on and on about such details but the truth is – we know what we do and we can help you with your cleaning problems. Just give us one chance to prove our value and you will not regret it!
Imagine a day when you will not have to spend a single second in cleaning! When you can enjoy your free time, family, friends, hobbies without worrying about chores or whose task was to throw the garbage away. We can give you that. We can bring you closer to this perfect day when cleaning becomes an abstract that you do not have to concern yourself with.
To deliver the highest quality of service, at the best prices in London. To improve – as individuals and as a team – on a daily basis. To stay true to our working philosophy and loyal to our customers.


We work with residential and commercial clients all around London, covering the entire M25 area. From working housewives and families to some of the largest corporations in the city, our customers cover the entire spectre of society.